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Insights and Updates in Field Data Management.

Explore ‘The Codifi Connection’, where professionals in field data collection and management converge to uncover the latest trends, innovations, and strategies across diverse industries. Join us as we explore the tools, methods, and stories that shape our understanding of the past and present, all through the lens of fieldwork innovation and expertise.


Field Researcher collects data through a field data collection software.

FAQ: What is Field Data Collection?

The Art and Science of Field Data Collection: Bridging Real-World Insights and Research Excellence In the ever-expanding realms of scientific…
field data collection, environmental research, archaeology

FAQ: Common Methods for Field Data Collection

Navigating the Field: Exploring Common Methods for Field Data Collection Exploring common field data collection methods is vital for a…

From Shovels to Software: My Journey as a Field Tech to Innovating with Codifi

From rugged terrains to software solutions, Jake's journey led to Codifi, where technology transforms field archaeology, reducing mundane tasks and…

FAIR/CARE Principles in Cultural Heritage and Archaeology: A Path Forward

Delve into actionable and practical fieldwork approaches, guided by CARE and FAIR principles, to chart a sustainable and ethical path…
field data collection, fieldwork professionals

FAQ: What Industries are most active in employing data collection professionals?

Data collection professionals are pivotal across various sectors. Codifi supports these diverse needs with tailored data management solutions.
field data collection, fieldwork professionals

FAQ: What does the work of a field data collector consist of?

Explore the crucial role of field data collectors in research and discovery. Learn how these professionals gather data in diverse…
field survey methods, field data collection

FAQ: Field Survey Methods

Explore field survey methods in cultural resource management: direct, adaptable data collection for real-world insights and comprehensive understanding.
be bad, born-archival data

Lifecycles of Archaeological Digital Data Management

Explore the lifecycles of archaeological data and discover how technology has transformed the field over the past 25 years.
Field Data Management Platforms

FAQ: Digital Field Data Management

Learn about the importance of field data management platforms in various industries such as archaeology, environmental science, and agriculture.

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