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Insights and Updates in Field Data Management.

Explore ‘The Codifi Connection’, where professionals in field data collection and management converge to uncover the latest trends, innovations, and strategies across diverse industries. Join us as we explore the tools, methods, and stories that shape our understanding of the past and present, all through the lens of fieldwork innovation and expertise.


What does the work of a field data collector consist of?

In the realm of research and discovery, scientists in laboratories and historians poring over ancient manuscripts make well-recognized contributions. However,…

FAQ: Field Survey Methods

What is the field survey method of data collection? At Codifi, we often talk about field surveys, a key method…
be bad, born-archival data

Lifecycles of Archaeological Digital Data Management

25 years ago, the Matrix movie was released. GeoCities was how people published websites, and Amazon mostly sold books. Today,…

FAQ: Data Collection

What industries are most active in employing data collection professionals? Data collection professionals are integral to a wide range of…

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