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A field data management professional in a hard hat using a digital tablet in front of a classical architecture building for historic preservation documentation.

Engaging with Codifi at SHA 2024

Exhibit Hall – Booth 35: Visit us at Booth 35 in the Exhibit Hall, open Thursday to Saturday. Here, our team will offer ‘data therapy’ sessions. These sessions are dedicated to understanding and addressing the challenges you face in implementing and working with digital field solutions. It’s a chance for honest, professional advice, and counsel.

Discover Codifi FDM: Our Codifi FDM platform is designed to transform how you manage field data. With features that ensure easy data collection, robust data protection, real-time communication, and efficient project management, Codifi FDM is your comprehensive solution for field data management. Our platform simplifies the complex process of data capture, storage, and analysis, making it more accessible and user-friendly for professionals in the field. Learn more about our product’s capabilities at Codifi FDM Platform.

Technology Room Demonstrations: Join us at the Society for Historical Archaeology conference for a detailed exploration of Codifi FDM in the Technology Room on Thursday, January 4, and Friday, January 5. This session offers an interactive demonstration and in-depth discussions focused on Codifi FDM, a digital tool designed to enhance field data management in archaeology. We will cover its capabilities in streamlining data collection, analysis, and collaboration, emphasizing its application in archaeological research and fieldwork. The demonstration will provide insights into how Codifi FDM integrates with contemporary archaeological methods, fostering efficiency and accuracy in data handling. This is an ideal opportunity for anyone doing fieldwork to engage with emerging technologies that are shaping the future of archaeological data management.

Meet the Codifi Leadership: Our team, including Michael Ashley, Mel Gordon, and Mark Layton, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the field. Michael, a member of the SHA Technology Committee and the RPA, has been a consistent presence at SHA conferences since 2011 and has deep roots in Oakland. Mel and Mark, along with Michael, share a history in the Bay Area, each contributing their unique expertise and passion to Codifi’s mission.

Raffle of High-Quality Field Gear: To add more excitement to our presence at SHA 2024, we will be raffling off high-quality field gear, including Yeti water bottles and bandanas. These are not just any giveaways; they are tools that reflect the durability and reliability that Codifi brings to field data management. Be sure to stop by our booth for a chance to win these practical and stylish items.

We at Codifi are committed to enhancing the field data management experience for archaeologists and CRM professionals. Our participation in SHA 2024 is a reflection of this commitment, and we look forward to engaging with you, understanding your challenges, and providing solutions that make a real difference in your fieldwork.

Don’t miss this chance to revolutionize your approach to field data management with Codifi at SHA 2024. We are excited to meet you in the Book Room at Booth 35!

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