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Field Data Management with Codifi.

It’s a better way to do what you do.
Codifi gives you the confidence to meet your data, performance, and compliance objectives the first time, without mistakes and without rework. It’s everything you need to master field data management – in one place.


Get all the right data the first time.
Success in the field starts with a solid plan and Codifi gets you started with a configurable, agency-compliant workflow and project template. Use it as-designed or adjust it for your needs to ensure that your team collects the data, photos, and maps you need to generate the required DPR forms and reports.
The Codifi field app gives your fieldworkers everything they need including:
  • easy to use narrative and data input forms
  • support for archival quality photography
  • support for external GPS receivers for highly accurate data point recording, and
  • built-in guidance that frees them to work independently


Avoid data losses and control access with real-time backups and industry-standard security.
Every Codifi account starts with 20TB/user so your team never has to compromise on the quality or quantity of data collected.
And every Codifi project enjoys the same safeguards.
  • Peer-to-peer data duplication across all project team devices to guard against accidental losses in the field.
  • Automatic, intelligent data synchronization to the Codifi cloud
    (or your storage) when devices have network access.
  • Original, raw data remains under your control at all times.
  • Full compliance with GDPR and other personal data protections.


Collaborate over new lines of communication.
Clear, timely communications between the office and every member of the field team can help accelerate project completion. Codifi connects the field to the office with structured, data-driven communications.
  • Transfer workflows, documents, guidance, and notifications to the Codifi field app in real time.
  • Monitor progress and check project completion status in real time, in the field and from the office.
  • Create agency-compliant data automatically, ready for inclusion in your forms and reports.


Take your field operations to the next level.
Visibility is the key to continuous improvement. Codifi gives you a new perspective on project performance that you can use to manage and grow your business.
  • Use templates to create and adjust projects and workflows quickly.
  • Assign and manage users, access, and rights on demand.
  • See task, team, and project completion statuses in real time.

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