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Shovel Test Pits / Shovel Testing

Get Organized with Codifi

Prebuilt for speed, editable to fit your project needs!
Codifi offers a prebuilt Shovel Test Pit Composition designed for easy data collection and effortless data organization. Ensure your STP teams are collecting the right data the first time every time.

How Codifi meets this need

Codifi has surveyed experts in the field to create our easy-to-use STP Composition. It has everything your project needs but is also customizable to your individual workflow. Our Composer makes it easy! 

  • Customize your data structure and archetype relationships
  •  Utilize the terminology you choose
  •  Amend compositions to optimize work on individual projects

Codifi Advantages

Real-Time Collaboration and Communication

Codifi’s real-time data synchronization allows you to view the data being collected and who’s collecting it, allowing for immediate review, on-the-spot revisions, and ensuring correct data collection without site revisits. 

  • Automatic Updates to the Cloud
  • Peer to Peer device data sharing
  • Built in Project Management tools

How does Codifi compare to others currently used in the field?

All of your data in one place

Our global compositions were built by fieldwork professionals who know firsthand that fieldwork doesn’t always go as planned. That’s why we offer an intuitive pre-deployment planning experience, live additive edits to your Compositions, and embedded guidance to help your teams collect data correctly. 

Codifi integrates data, media, documents, and locations in an organized data structure defined by you!

  • Pre-fieldwork save all your research and sources in Codifi. 
  • During fieldwork, log all field data, locations, and photos directly in the mobile app.
  • Post fieldwork, review and edit your project data in our web application. 

Codifi means excellence in the field

Illustration representing Codifi's efficient field data collection tools - Streamlining data entry, photography, and GPS recording with configurable workflows, ensuring accurate DPR forms and reports.


Project planning, objectives, and workflows are all built in – so your teams collect the right data every time.

Illustration depicting Codifi's robust data protection and access control features - Ensuring real-time backups, security, and compliance for data integrity and peace of mind.


Secure, portable data storage for photos, video, maps, documents and more, with verifiable chain of custody.

Illustration symbolizing Codifi's seamless communication between the office and the field team - Accelerating project completion through real-time data transfer, progress monitoring, and agency-compliant data generation.


Offline data sharing for collaboration in the field. Data syncing to the Codifi cloud to guard against loss.

Visual representation of Codifi's field operations management tools - Empowering businesses with real-time project insights, templates, and user management capabilities for continuous improvement.


Team, project, and cross-project visibility for operations insights you can use to manage and grow your organization.

Find out how Codifi can transform your field operations

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