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Discover Codifi Solutions, where fieldwork meets innovation

Our solutions cater to a broad spectrum of field activities, including detailed environmental surveys and infrastructure evaluations. Learn how our state-specific and global tools help professionals manage data more efficiently and comply with regional regulations, ensuring every project’s success.


data management

Flexible as a Foundation: How Codifi is Transforming Field Database Management

Codifi revolutionizes field database management by embracing schema-less, NoSQL databases like MongoDB. This innovative approach offers unmatched flexibility and scalability,…
custom data template, inspections, custom tasks, data management

Custom Tasks & Inspections

Transform your field workflows with templates and #nocode custom solutions from Codifi. GIS/Mapping, Media, and custom data structures.
field survey methods, field data collection

Site Monitoring

Efficient Data Collection Simplified: Our adaptable templates ensure precise monitoring, from daily logs to comprehensive reports, fitting seamlessly into any…

Cell Tower Survey

Codifi revolutionizes cell tower surveys with its comprehensive, customizable solutions designed to meet federal, state, and local compliance requirement. Our…
underwater surveys, underwater archaeology

Underwater Survey

Codifi simplifies the complexities of underwater archaeology with its Underwater Survey Compositions. Designed for the unique challenges of marine workflows,…
shovel testing, shovel test pits, fieldwork, field data management

Shovel Test Pits

Codifi's Shovel Test Pit (STP) Composition ensures that your STP teams capture accurate data from the start, with options to…
Cultural Resource Management, CRM survey solutions, Field Surveys

CRM Survey

Codifi's CRM Survey Compositions provide state-compliant, efficient data collection for archaeologists and preservationists. These templates, designed for regions including Arizona…

Codifi Composer

Choose from our robust library of Global Compositions or build your own. Codifi's powerful and innovative no-code workflow design platform…

Codifi means excellence in the field

Illustration representing Codifi's efficient field data collection tools - Streamlining data entry, photography, and GPS recording with configurable workflows, ensuring accurate DPR forms and reports.


Project planning, objectives, and workflows are all built in – so your teams collect the right data every time.

Illustration depicting Codifi's robust data protection and access control features - Ensuring real-time backups, security, and compliance for data integrity and peace of mind.


Secure, portable data storage for photos, video, maps, documents and more, with verifiable chain of custody.

Illustration symbolizing Codifi's seamless communication between the office and the field team - Accelerating project completion through real-time data transfer, progress monitoring, and agency-compliant data generation.


Offline data sharing for collaboration in the field. Data syncing to the Codifi cloud to guard against loss.

Visual representation of Codifi's field operations management tools - Empowering businesses with real-time project insights, templates, and user management capabilities for continuous improvement.


Team, project, and cross-project visibility for operations insights you can use to manage and grow your organization.

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