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Field Data Management Platforms

What are some of the common applications used in field data collection?

Field data collection is a crucial process in many industries, including archaeology/cultural resource management, environmental science, agriculture, and construction. Here are some common applications used in this domain:

ArcGIS Field Maps

ArcGIS Field Maps is a versatile mapping tool designed for fieldwork. It enables users to collect, edit, and share geographic data in real-time, making it ideal for tasks such as asset management, environmental monitoring, and field surveys.


Wildnote is a specialized environmental data collection software. It streamlines data gathering for environmental professionals, aiding in wildlife studies, ecological research, and natural resource management.


Ecobot is tailored for environmental consultants and wetland delineators. It simplifies wetland delineation reporting, making it efficient and accurate while adhering to regulatory requirements.

QField for GIS

QField for GIS is an open-source mobile app that extends the capabilities of QGIS to the field. It’s great for highly-technical users who require a customizable solution for field data collection, geographic analysis, and mapping.

Collector for ArcGIS

Collector for ArcGIS is part of the Esri suite, offering a user-friendly interface for field data collection. It’s widely used in asset management, utilities, and public works to gather location-based information.

Survey123 for ArcGIS

Survey123 for ArcGIS is another Esri product focused on creating custom surveys. It’s employed in various sectors, such as public health, urban planning, and disaster response, to collect structured data in the field.

Fulcrum Software

Fulcrum is a flexible mobile data collection platform suitable for a wide range of industries. It empowers users to create custom forms and streamline field data collection, making it valuable for audits, inspections, and field service operations.


Terrasync is a geospatial data collection solution often used in demanding outdoor environments. It’s popular in industries like forestry, agriculture, and geology, where high-precision GPS data is essential for accurate mapping and analysis.

Record by Factor(e)

“Record” by Factor[e] Ventures is a digital tool designed to streamline data collection and analysis for development projects. It allows users to capture, manage, and report data effectively, facilitating better decision-making and impact assessment. This platform is particularly valuable in fields like agriculture, energy, and environmental conservation, providing insights that drive innovation and efficiency.

Codifi FDM 

Codifi FDM is a specialized field data management platform, ideal for streamlining fieldwork across diverse industries. It offers robust data collection, management, and security features. Key aspects include real-time data sharing, offline data duplication, and strict access controls. Codifi enhances field-to-office communication, supports decision-making, and aids in efficient project management.

Each of these products caters to various needs within the field data collection and geographic information systems (GIS) space, providing valuable tools for professionals in different industries.