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In my days in the field, taking notes and filling out reports followed rigorous, sometimes monotonous standards. The repetition of report writing and compliance forms could become mind-numbingly boring. At Codifi, I saw a clear vision to alleviate these repetitive bureaucratic tasks for field archaeologists. The platform was designed to streamline the data collection process and manage archaeology projects efficiently.

One elusive project that got away was a planned survey of Rose Atoll. It would have been a pioneering archaeological expedition to this tiny and isolated place, requiring three flights and a few hours by boat. Our firm had bid for this exciting opportunity, but fate had other plans. With the sudden death of our principal investigator, Joe, my career in contract archaeology unexpectedly came to an end.

Codifi’s vision resonated deeply with me. The team was committed, the goal was clear, and the impact was evident. By simplifying some of the more cumbersome aspects of archaeological work, Codifi allows archaeologists to focus more on what they love — discovering and preserving history. This blend of technology and traditional fieldwork is not just innovative; it’s transformative.

As I integrate my field expertise with the technological advancements at Codifi, I am excited about the future. Together, we are not just preserving the past; we are ensuring that the field of archaeology itself remains vibrant and relevant in the modern age.

Jake Estes

Account Executive

If you are as passionate and interested as I am in how digitizing field work can protect our shared record of humanity, let’s talk. You can schedule a meeting with me at or reach me by email at