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25 years ago, the Matrix movie was released. GeoCities was how people published websites, and Amazon mostly sold books. Today, AI is ubiquitous, ‘digital photography’ is just photography, and mobile phones have supercomputer capabilities. And yet, within archaeology, in 2024, there remains trepidation and trust issues regarding digital recording and data sharing…

SCA 2024 poster

In the nuanced realm of CRM and archaeology, where precision meets legacy, integrating digital tools demands discernment; not all digital methods guarantee enhanced results and all incur risk. We’re distilling 25 years of lessons in digital data management—from planning rooted in preservation and recording ‘Born Archival Data’ (BAD) to the impactful sharing of knowledge and reuse. Embracing the FAIR/CARE principles, we advocate for a data lifecycle focusing on collective benefits and ethical stewardship. Join us in exploring the intricate dance of technology and tradition, a journey of maximizing data’s potential while upholding its integrity for enduring cultural narratives.