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Codifi Solutions

No Code, No Problem

Move beyond Forms on Glass

Online + Offline Tasks, Inspections, and More

Elevate your operations — in the office and in the field — with Codifi. Whether you inspect, monitor, survey, assess, or analyze, Codifi’s got you covered. No more paper and pen, no more hoping your team captures the right data. With Codifi, you’ll get the right data the first time, every time.

Digital isn't Optional

Choose from one of our many adaptable templates or build something special with our no-code custom capabilities. You’ll simplify data capture, ensure state compliance, integrate spatial/mapping data and media management, enhance workflow integration, and unleash the power of your data for reporting and analysis.

Power your projects with Codifi and streamline every step of data collection, giving you the precision and reliability to excel in your fieldwork.

  • Optimized for Various Roles: Tailored solutions for Operations, GIS specialists, Quality Control and Assurance professionals, Inspectors, and beyond—enhance your team’s efficiency across multiple disciplines.
  • Flexible Data Management: Create custom data structures and establish relationships tailored to both simple and sophisticated data management needs. Our platform adapts to your organizational requirements, ensuring seamless data flow.
  • Advanced GIS Integration: Leverage integrated GIS mapping data powered by MapBox, with full compatibility with other leading GIS platforms. Visualize and analyze geographic data directly within our system for enhanced decision-making.
  • Comprehensive Media Storage: Effortlessly store and manage photos, videos, sketches, and documents. Automatic metadata importation enriches your data, supporting thorough and actionable analysis.
  • Versatile Reporting Capabilities: Generate a variety of report types to meet diverse requirements, from daily logs and weekly summaries to comprehensive forms for federal and state agency compliance. Our platform ensures you can deliver the right information at the right time.

Codifi Advantages

Enterprise Field Data Capture and Management that Saves Time and Money

Unify your field operations processes with a single platform that increases IT/GIS and Operations productivity, improves data quality, and securely delivers real-time data.

  • Built to function offline-first in the field. When you reconnect to the internet, it will automatically sync your records and update the mobile app with new data from the cloud.
  • Archival-grade photo search + metadata imported automatically for “born archival data.”
  • Use your mobile device’s GPS location or capture sub-meter accuracy using a Bluetooth GPS receiver.
  • Professional services to support your success.

How do we “Codifi” a Custom Workflow?

Crafting Your Success, Your Way

At Codifi, we thrive on collaboration and creativity. We’re not just about providing solutions; we’re about building them with you. From tailoring workflows to fine-tuning reports and optimizing data management, we love diving into your unique challenges and crafting custom solutions that drive your success. Whether we start with your workflow, reports, or data needs, we’re here to ensure every piece fits perfectly in your business puzzle. Let’s build something brilliant together!

  • Data Therapy: Engage in our comprehensive discovery process, where we delve into your current operations, pinpoint challenges, and uncover new business opportunities. We’re here to understand and enhance your workflow meticulously and supportively.
  • Project Management: Launching with a team? No matter the size, we offer expert guidance to ensure your project thrives. Our hands-on support will streamline your change management strategies, guaranteeing a seamless transition for all users.
  • Training: Empower your team with our targeted training sessions. We provide:
    • Mobile app training for field teams.
    • Comprehensive web and mobile training for managers.
    • Custom webinars, self-service online resources, and personalized in-person sessions, both in your office and out in the field.
  • Complex Data/Workflow Support: Whether you need a quick assist or in-depth collaborative support, our team is ready to help you navigate even the most complex data or workflow challenges.
  • Everything Else: Got a unique need? We’re more than just service providers—we’re your dedicated partners. Let’s discuss how we can tailor our services to fit your exact requirements.

Codifi means excellence in the field

Illustration representing Codifi's efficient field data collection tools - Streamlining data entry, photography, and GPS recording with configurable workflows, ensuring accurate DPR forms and reports.


Project planning, objectives, and workflows are all built in – so your teams collect the right data every time.

Illustration depicting Codifi's robust data protection and access control features - Ensuring real-time backups, security, and compliance for data integrity and peace of mind.


Secure, portable data storage for photos, video, maps, documents and more, with verifiable chain of custody.

Illustration symbolizing Codifi's seamless communication between the office and the field team - Accelerating project completion through real-time data transfer, progress monitoring, and agency-compliant data generation.


Offline data sharing for collaboration in the field. Data syncing to the Codifi cloud to guard against loss.

Visual representation of Codifi's field operations management tools - Empowering businesses with real-time project insights, templates, and user management capabilities for continuous improvement.


Team, project, and cross-project visibility for operations insights you can use to manage and grow your organization.

Find out how Codifi can transform your field operations

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